The .40 Caliber Mousehunt

Corinn Michaels is secretly the Web master for a mercenary who sells hits on line. And the clever 26-year-old goth from Georgetown is running from a society obsessed with finding her, hiring her, using her and killing her.
When the site is taken down and its leader is reportedly dispatched, Corinn must decide whether to abandon her beloved project or follow the rhythm of her black heart, risk everything, load up a .40 caliber pistol and take charge.
A series of explosive events -- including run ins with corrupt government agents and a fiery vigilante -- poison her mind, break her down, nearly claim her life and lead her to make a dark decision.
The book features dynamic full-color artwork on the cover and black and white line drawings inside by Norm Breyfogle, known for his work on DC Comics Batman in the '80s and '90s.

$14.95 each plus tax.


Here are a few reviews:

"Vengeance. Blood. Guns. Beautiful but emotionally cut-off men and women and lesbian wielding laptop users and an angry mouse - do you need anymore?...I think teenagers and graphic novel fans will love it. It is full of angst and frustrated energy and the hard and quick dialogue of a comic." -- Sheena Patel,

"A nonstop thrill ride that virtually cannot be put down until it is done."-- James A. Cox, Editor-In-Chief, The Midwest Book Review

"If Stan Lee were to write an action novel...this would be it. Human characters just a little shy of action heroes. Colorful, fun, occasionally funny, fast-paced. There wasn't one chapter that did not urge me to read the next. I can't help but believe that what you will hear most in your reviews of this book will be 'So, how soon does the 3rd book come out?'" --Denny Graham, Harrisburg, Pa.

"That Breyfogle artwork is really striking." -- Tom Coombe, Allentown, Pa.



One of the bookmarks Stephen designed for The .40 Caliber Mousehunt, featuring "Corinn & Eden." He sells them for a quarter each at author events.