ITEM NO. 4001: The Mask of The Carrion Crow.

This is the sinister visage worn by the mass murderer haunting Columbus, Ohio in Stephen Pytak's novel in development. Called The Wild Damned, it takes place in The .40 Caliber Mouse universe. The character will also be brought to life through artwork by famed comic book artist Norm Breyfogle.

Stephen designed the mask, illustrating every detail in an 18-page report. Mask maker Erich Lubatti of California sculpted it. Today it's being manufactured by Michael Thomas of KreationX Inc., New York.

It's a full-head mask with a neck and partial shoulders. Its skin is grayscale. Its ghost white eyes are framed by tar black eye pockets. The wearer will be able to see out of slots hidden in these dark areas. Holes in the nose and the corners of the mouth also allow for ventilation. The mask also features long, white shoulder-length hair. Fans of detail will find its pointed ears under there. One size fits all.

The mask is also available as a display bust with no vision cuts.

The cost of each mask is $175 (plus tax for Pennsylvania residents), plus shipping.

Orders will be sent via US Postal Service, Priority Mail. Please note that we will not automatically include insurance in the cost, so be sure to tell us if you want us to add insurance.

To order, send us an email (with your mailing address) at We will send you the total amount and provide our PayPal address. Payment by check or money order is also acceptable but may take longer.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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