"Marci" illo by Norm Breyfogle. Photo illustration by Stephen Pytak. Copyright 2008 by Stephen Pytak.

MARCI  -- The .40 Caliber Mouse can 
bring out the worst in people. 
   Promising solutions with the modern-
day click of a button, it's the ultimate
   Case in point: Marci Matejick.
   By using it  to do her dirty work, this
corrupt FBI agent  becomes much 
more formidable.
   A technology scout, she has better-
than-good looks, honey-blonde hair 
and a killer smile. Those are her best
   According to Eden and Razia, Marci
suffers from a bit of a complex.
   As Razia put it: "She's out for number
   According to Eden, Marci believes she's 
supierior to everyone else, and ruthless, 
while something of a coquette.
   While Marci would deny all of the 
above, soon after she's put in charge of
 The .40 Caliber Mouse case, she starts 
making deals with its front man.
   Determined to eliminate two people 
she, honestly, just  doesn't  like, she's 
got the law on her side and the world's 
most popular mercenary in her pocket.

ALLIES: The bureau office in 
Philadelphia. Her father's bank account. 

HOBBIES: Giving small-time software 
makers pennies for gold. Raiding 
evidence lockers for supplies.
Getting ahead. Allying herself with 
anyone who can give her status, 
opportunity and power. Double-
crossing allies if it means she'll make
out in the end. Gambling. Shopping 

MUSIC: '80s pop.

high boots which give her a hint of 
dominance. Buying .40 caliber pistols.
Insisting the lower ranks call her "sir." 
Phone sex.

PET PEEVES:  Software designers
who feel they're worth more than she
thinks they are. News reporters who
write articles about cutting-edge
spy software she acquires from the 
underground. Rules. And people with
a conscience.