"Joni the Terrible" illo by Norm Breyfogle. Photo illustration by Stephen Pytak. Copyright 2008 by Stephen Pytak.

determined to eradicate The .40 Caliber 
Mouse and anyone associated with it.
   Armed with .40 caliber pistols, an 
MP5 submachine gun, grenades and 
attitude, she attacks everything she 
suspects is tied to its existence.
   She wants Corinn and company to 
know what it's like to be hunted by the 
very thing they unleashed. She's 
made efforts to look like she's working  
for the outfit. She has patches featuring 
the organization's mascot, Lucky the
Vicious, on her pistol holsters. Her guns 
are loaded with .40 caliber bullets. 
   Her real name isn't Joni. 
   Corinn comes up with the nickname, 
while making a joke about Reeves' late 
wife, Joni. Corinn and he both agree the 
fiery vigilante pursuing them bears a
frightening resemblance.

ALLIES: Her submachine gun, pistols 
and grenades.

HOBBIES: Causing extensive property damage and human casualties. Mass murder. Grave digging.

MUSIC: Explosions. Screams of her victims.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Taking out pedestrians who accidentally cross in front of her bullet traffic.

PET PEEVES: Having exploding glass fly in her face. Firestorms threatening her existence. Fools who bring knives to gun fights. Partial victories. In the game she was playing, partial victories didn't count.