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04.02.2010 -- NEWS-- We'd like to proudly unveil some of the first images of our new "Corinn" T-shirt model, Victoria Vaughn of Washington D.C. A 20-year-old college student from Fairfax, Va., she is building a winning portfolio and resume to pursue her dream of working in the modeling industry. To see her other work, log onto her page at Model Mayhem by clicking HERE. Vic, Stephen and their crews met for a four-hour shoot in Washington D.C. March 27, 2010. Some of our props were unique because they will play roles in the fourth novel in "The .40 Caliber Mouse" series, which Stephen is currently writing. These props include Corinn's skateboard, which Stephen designed and hired talented artists to put together. "It's kinda cool to make some of the props your characters use. Having them around can give you a boost of inspiration when you're writing them. And having the opportunity to photograph Vicky with the board was a total rush, because she really looks the part," Stephen said.
02.26.2010 -- NEWS -- Got some MORE work done on the skateboard project this week. We hired airbrush artist Kevin Mazlum (pictured at left) of Air Graphics, Reading, Pa. to paint The .40 Caliber Mouse symbol on the bottom of our deck. He did a PRETTY AMAZING JOB! Kevin also gave the bottom a protective matte coating. This is the second time Kevin has done work for Stephen Pytak and Mazz Press. In early 2009, he painted the back of a denim jacket to help Stephen create a replica of the one worn by the character "Lon Stoesz" in the novel The Wild Damned. Stephen obviously likes to create some of the things his characters use and wear. "Corinn's skateboard" will appear in his fourth novel, which he started writing this week. Stephen is pictured below with Kevin.

02.17.2010 -- NEWS -- Got some work done on the skateboard project tonight. Stephen and Becki took the dipped black, 7-ply Canadian maple deck and cherry red wheels he special ordered to Homebase Skateshop in Bethlehem, Pa. There they picked up the rest of the hardware. That included midnight black trucks, bearings and a 3/8 inch socket wrench. There was one with a black handle in stock. It was nice. Couldn't resist. The guys on duty, Andy and David, were very helpful. Andy helped Stephen with his shopping list. David put the wheels, bearings and trucks together. Like a master craftsman, he also coated the top with a strip of griptape. If you need skateboard supplies and you're from the region, check this place out. It's at 14. West 4th St., Southside Bethlehem, Pa.


02.17.2010 -- NEWS -- The deck and wheels we special ordered for "Corinn's skateboard" have come in! This is a prop Stephen's buiding to inspire him to write his fourth book. The title will be unveiled later this year, when his third, "The Wild Damned," is released. When the skateboard is finished, he'll post some pix here and take it around to author events.

02.07.2010 -- NEWS -- To see one of the sketches for "The Wild Damned," "Enter, The Carrion Crow," click HERE.

01.31.2010 -- NEWS -- We're planning to hire a "Corinn" model for our "Lucky the Vicious" tees again and did some location scouting Saturday. To see a page of possible sites where we'll (hopefully) be clicking shutters in either April or May, click HERE.

01.23.2010 -- NEWS -- The Norm Breyfogle preliminary sketches for "The Wild Damned" have started to come in! They're fabulous. We will be unveiling samples on the novel's Web site shortly.

01.16.2010 -- NEWS -- Stephen has completed a draft of "The Wild Damned" and has started editing. He's hoping to have it out for Christmas.

09.23.2009 -- NEWS -- While healing from recent surgery, Stephen is making significant progress on his novel in development, "The Wild Damned." Today he knocked out a draft of Chapter XVII. He estimated the book will have 40 chapters.

02.04.2009 -- NEWS -- The mask of "The Carrion Crow" is complete! The finished mask will be unveiled at FURY: The Art of Mazz Press at 1 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 8 at Many Worlds Gallery, Pottsville, Pa.

01.03.2009 -- NEWS -- Today, author Stephen Pytak approved the final sculpt of "The Carrion Crow" mask. Those images are below. Now Lubatti Designs of California will enter the molding and casting stages. The finished mask will be unveiled at FURY: The Art of Mazz Press at 1 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 8 at Many Worlds Gallery, Pottsville, Pa.
11.14.2008 -- NEWS -- Today, Lubatti Designs of California unveiled images of the sculpt in progress for a mask for one of the characters in"The Wild Damned." While it's not complete, Stephen, who designed it, was VERY impressed. The mask will go on sale in early 2009. Meanwhile Stephen is hoping the novel, artwork, etc. will be finished sometime in 2010.

NEW NOVEL -- Stephen is hard at work on"The Wild Damned," a terrifying gothic actioner which takes place inside "The .40 Caliber Mouse" universe. So expect to see a few familiar faces. While no release date has been set, Stephen is hoping to have it out by 2010. Still on the first draft, he was up to page 151 on July 31, 2008.

THE WILD DAMNED WEB SITE -- The new novel will have its own Web site,, which will go live on Oct. 31, 2008.

MASK PROJECT -- One of the three main characters in "The Wild Damned" wears a mask. Determined to give it verisimilitude, Stephen designed it -- in an 18-page report -- and contracted Lubatti Designs, California, to make it. Production images will be posted here and on as they become available.