"Eden" illo by Norm Breyfogle. Photo illustration by Stephen Pytak. Copyright 2008 by Stephen Pytak.

EDEN -- A struggling computer 
software designer working out of an
incubator in New York City, Eden Jones 
was sick of the game.
   Unable to establish her own business
after five years, she was thinking about 
giving up, putting out her resume and 
picking up a full-time job somewhere.
   But in The .40 Caliber Mousehunt,
Marci, a FBI technology scout  with a 
superiority complex, makes Eden an 
offer. It comes off more like a cruel bet:
   Take the Web site for The .40 Caliber
 Mouse offline.
   The prize: $5 million.
   But was it the chance of a lifetime?
    For months, federal agents were 
banging their heads off keyboards 
trying to eliminate the evil rodent from 
cyberspace. It was something unlike
anyone had ever seen, proof law 
enforcement was not prepared for
the terror of the Internet.
   Eden accepts the challenge and 
experiences a seemingly never-ending 
Hell which keeps her working without 
rest day and night.
   It nearly drives her insane. In an effort 
to find inspiration, and let off a lot of 
steam, she wraps herself in club wear, 
releases her anger with a Chinese hook 
sword, and destroys her office walls and 
much more.
   With the same kill-mode aggression,
Eden changes her life to face a darker

ALLIES: Razia. Her foster father.

HOBBIES: Kajukenbo, a blend of
Karate, Judo and boxing. The 
underground club scene. Horseback 
riding. Collecting swords.

MUSIC: A variety: guitar rock, club
electronica, classics by Elvis...

including  low-rise hot pants,
matching halter tops and knee-high
lace up platform boots. Keeping fruit
-flavored wine coolers in the 'fridge in
her private office. 

PET PEEVES:  Visits from Marci. The
mere mention of Marci's name. Mondays.
And anything related to The .40 Caliber