Here's what's new:

09.06.2016 -- EVENTS -- Stephen will unveil his fifth novel, Damned If I Do, in October, at an author event in Columbus, Ohio, where parts of the book take place. The event will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016 at The Book Loft At German Village, 631 S 3rd St, Columbus, Ohio. He will also have copies of his other novels on hand, as well as his short films on DVD, CD soundtracks for those films, T-shirts and more! For more information, visit

01.04.2015 -- THE .40 CALIBER MOUSE PUPPET -- Unveiled at gigs just before Christmas 2014, The .40 Caliber Mouse puppet quickly became a must-have item for fans of our mascot. They're $10 each, but if you buy two of our print books, we'll send you one for FREE!

01.03.2015 -- IN THE WORKS -- Check out samples of artwork for our fifth novel, Damned If I Do.

11.19.2012 -- NOVELS -- We posted the description and cover for our fourth novel, Katerina Blues, due out 2.14.13.

10.25.2012 -- EVENTS -- Our latest short film "Dancing Shadows" will be shown 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Pottsville Free Public Library in Pottsville, Pa.

10.1.2012 -- NEWS -- Our second novel, The .40 Caliber Mousehunt, is now available as an ebook. Mazz Press ebooks are available at major retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and Smashwords. Again, like the first ebook, this does not contain all the commissioned artwork or any of the supplements. So, for the full experience, purchase the print edition by visiting our NOVELS page.

03.08.2012 -- NEWS -- Our first novel, The .40 Caliber Mouse, is now available as an ebook! NOTE: The ebook does not contain all the commissioned artwork or any of the supplements. So, for the full experience, purchase the print edition by visiting our NOVELS page. Available from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and Smashwords.

08.18.2010 -- MUSIC & MORE -- C, a film by Stephen Pytak, is now available for sale! This Region 1 DVD features an introduction to the character "Corinn", commentaries by Stephen Pytak, musician Soji O, and artist Norm Breyfogle, and a preview of the documentary, Driven By The Furies. Copies are $7.50 each plus tax and shipping.

08.18.10 -- EVENTS -- We hope to see YOU in Ephrata, Pa. Friday!

06.18.10 -- EVENTS -- August is going to be a busy month.

06.06.10 -- POSTERS -- Order your copy of the first poster for The Wild Damned! It's rather unique, an introduction to "Stacia Rose."

06.06.10 -- MUSIC & MORE -- We've revamped the site and opened a section to sell our CD single. Order yours today. Copies go on sale 12:01 a.m. Sunday, June 20, 2010!

05.31.10 -- NEWS -- Happy Memorial Day! It was also a big news day for Mazz Press. Stephen posted a music video for the live version of "Stick Around." You can see it by clicking HERE. Also Jodi Webb, co-author of Pennsylvania Trivia: Weird, Wacky and Wild, posted an interview she conducted with Stephen on Friday. To see it, click HERE.

05.01.2010 -- CATALOG-- We put some fresh images up in our catalog section today. Both feature our new "Corinn" T-shirt model, Victoria Vaughn of Washington D.C. You'll find one on the main CATALOG page and the other on the WOMEN'S TEES page. Meanwhile, Stephen is working to find someone to model a T-shirt featuring "The Dreaded Mark of the Carrion Crow," which will be featured in his novel The Wild Damned.

03.10.2010 -- NEWS -- Norm Breyfogle, well-known "Batman" artist, talked a bit about his experience drawing the illustrations for Stephen Pytak's novel The Wild Damned on Episode 91 of "Where Monsters Dwell" broadcast on CHSR 97.9 FM. To read Norm's comments about working on the illustrations for the book click HERE.

02.26.2010 -- IN THE WORKS -- Check out the paint job Air Graphics in Reading, Pa. did on "Corinn's Skateboard."

02.17.2010 -- IN THE WORKS -- Stephen is putting together a skateboard for "The .40 Caliber Mouse."

01.23.2010 -- NEWS -- The Norm Breyfogle preliminary sketches for "The Wild Damned" have started to come in! They're fabulous. We will be unveiling samples on the novel's Web site shortly.

01.01.2009 -- Special thanks to the many who came out to see us at Dracula's Ball in Philly Saturday night, including Michael, Danette, Dean, Lee & Chrissy, Melody, Brea, Clark, Bill, Gloria, Nila, Marinus & Teresa, Massimo, Olga, Adrienne, Caitlin, Sky, Chris, Steven, Erika, Shaun, Mark, Adrian, Troy and Brian.

10.28.2009 -- EVENTS -- On Halloween night, Mazz Press will be one of the vendors at The 48th Dracula's Ball at the Shampoo Nightclub in Philadelphia. For more information, click HERE.

10.25.2009 -- THE MASK OF THE CARRION CROW -- The mask is now being manufactured by KreationX Inc., New York. To order, log onto our order page in our CATALOG.

08.28.2009 -- The Booktin interview with Stephen Pytak can now be found at reviewer Sheena Patel's new site, BookFreeq, by clicking HERE, and her review of The .40 Caliber Mousehunt can be found HERE.

08.26.2009 -- POSTERS -- Our limited edition poster for "The .40 Caliber Mousehunt," Poster B, has sold out.

08.06.2009 -- EVENTS -- Stephen will be selling and signing copies of "Mousehunt" at "The Ultimate Allentown Comic Convention" 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30 at The Encounter, 811 Union Blvd., Allentown, Pa.